Following last night's torrential downpour many residents in the Rainham area have been affected by heavy flooding. Many have contacted Jon Cruddas MP asking him to make representations to Havering Council on their behalf.

This morning (Sunday 16 August) Jon Cruddas contacted the Chief Executive of Havering Council seeking assurances that residents will receive the support they need, and that efforts will be made to address the drainage issues and the fallout from last night.

The response from the council stated:

If you are not already please be aware that some torrential rain yesterday evening led to major surface water flooding in the Rainham and South Hornchurch areas, due to how dry the ground was.

The three main affected areas are as follows:

    • - 19-57 Brook Way Rainham RM13 9HW ( approx. 50 residents involved)
    • - South Hall Drive Rainham RM13 9HS ( Row of terraced houses -15 residents affected)
    • - Lambs Lane South, Rainham (Number of houses affected)

Although there was also some impact in Southend Road/Cherry Tree Lane/South Hornchurch Library area (Some properties affected). All these sites have extensive carriageway flooding.

The London Fire Brigade Command Unit was set up outside Chafford School in Lambs Lane South, where the Council Local Authority Liaison Officer (LALO) worked with the emergency services to assess the situation and address the needs of vulnerable residents where possible.

The surface flood waters in the majority of our affected roads has now drained away, but there are pockets of flood water on some other roadways in the south of the borough. The London Fire Brigade worked through all the affected addresses, pumping out some properties of vulnerable residents, including a residential Care Home at 58 Farm Way. There are believed to be some 30+ houses containing flood water that is not deep enough for the Fire Brigade to pump, so residents and neighbours have been assisting the clear up.

Due to the risk of evacuating so many people to a rest centre with the Covid situation, it was decided to try and get residents to stay with friends and relatives and/or the upper floors of their houses where safe to do so. The Councils LALO has been checking the affected areas for vulnerable residents with the Fire Brigade, and at this time has not identified anyone who needs temporary accommodation, although a pregnant lady was being supported.

As always with flooding, it will take some time for properties to dry out and they may have a lot of damaged furniture to dispose of. From our experience Insurance Companies are not that proactive in the middle of the night, particularly at weekends, so the Council will provide further support either with skips or the bulky waste collection service to remove damaged furniture.

Jon Cruddas MP has assured residents that he will continue to liaise with the council to ensure that no one is left without the support they need. Jon has expressed that these are exceptional times due to Covid-19 and proper safeguarding must be in place, particularly for vulnerable residents affected by the flooding.

If you require assistance please contact Jon's office via email or by calling 020 8984 7854