This coming Sunday, 16th March the Wennington Village Association and Jon Cruddas MP will be protesting against plans to establish the Gravel and Mineral Extraction Pitts on 25 hectares of land adjacent to the A1306 opposite the new Links Golf Course which is currently being built. This will permanently change life in Wennington Village.

If these proposals go ahead the local area will suffer from dangerously increased traffic with lorries in and out of the site, often dropping dirt and mud onto the roads. Safety will be compromised on local roads where we already see a huge amount of traffic and a high rate of accidents. Observations of Sandy Lane Junction, near the proposed site, have revealed evidence of vehicle collisions and the spillage of minerals on the highway, which will only get worse if these plans are approved. 

Jon Cruddas said “I will be joining these protests on Sunday with Wennington residents. These proposals will destroy the way of life in Wennington with increased and dangerous traffic, more noise and more debris on the roads from Wennington and into Rainham. I visited the site of the proposed extraction pit and was shocked to see that the operation would back right onto people’s homes. The people of Wennington need to be heard and listened to by Havering Council”.

The protest will begin at 10:30am with people meeting outside the Tesco in Rainham then walking through the village, turning left at the Clock Tower along Wennington Road then onto The Green.