MP Welcomes Rainham HGV Ban

Jon speaking
Wed, 05/05/2021 - 06:00
MP Welcomes Rainham HGV Ban


Jon Cruddas MP has welcomed the introduction from 11 May of a Heavy Goods Vehicle ban on lorries over 7.5-ton weight in Rainham Village. This will also have a positive impact on HGV traffic passing through Wennington Village.

The ban will be enforced by the introduction of a CCTV camera and is designed to stop the lorries travelling through Rainham village, Upminster Road South and Wennington Road. Lorries that are not exempt from the ban will be subject to Penalty Charge Notices if they drive through the area.

Jon Cruddas said "I have been campaigning with local residents for this measure for a long time and am very pleased to see Havering Council respond positively. I carried out a survey back in January across Wennington Village and support for traffic management measures was overwhelming. This will help protect the area and should contribute to improving air quality".