Jon Cruddas on the EU Referendum

On Monday night Parliament debated, and voted, on whether there should be a referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU. Although the motion was defeated nearly half the Tory backbenchers voted against the Government. Labour backed the Government position though 19 Labour MPs also voted for the referendum.


Jon Cruddas said:


I thought I would let you know that on the big vote this week I decided to vote for the referendum and against the 3 line whip of the Labour Party. I have in the past supported a referendum so could vote no other way. This is an issue that my constituents feel very strongly about given the amount of phone calls, emails and people visiting my surgeries on the issue. I have supported a referendum in the past so think it would be wrong not do so this week.
This is about democracy. This is about respecting the people. Successive generations have not had a say on the European debate. All parties have promised a referendum over the last couple of years. And all three are now against one. That is not right and undermines trust in the political process. This will fester until a proper open discussion is allowed. If we do not have a real referendum then anger and resentment will grow. We have to be bold and let the people into this conversation.’