You will no doubt have seen or heard about the latest report into Queens Hospital.

Queens is still failing patients. Its maternity care has improved. Every single woman receives one-to-one care in labour – which I welcome enormously - but the quality of the A&E service is still not good enough. The report highlighted long waiting times, patients being nursed on trolleys and shortages in staff amongst other things. The report also said that the A&E department is designed to deal with 90,000 patients a year but numbers are reaching as high as 132,000.

This is deeply concerning.

The Government is still hoping to close the A&E and Maternity Unit at King Georges and send patients to Queens or Havering.

We need the Government to drop this unnecessary and dangerous idea. Many of you have already backed our campaign. If you have not please sign my petition to save maternity and A&E at King Georges. If you have signed up please use my new facebook share button to share the campaign page with your facebook friends in the area. We need as many people as possible to sign up. Thank you for your help